Tomb Raider Definitve Edition

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Tomb Raider Difinitve Edition PS4


At pretty much no point when I was playing Tomb Raider ps4 and PlayStation 3 a year ago did I stop and say to myself, “man, I only wish this looked better.” Lara Croft’s excellent, cinematic reboot adventure doesn’t need extra special effects to make it worth playing.But nonetheless, playing through the Definitive Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which stacks up against the PC version’s high resolution and fancy hair effects, is excellent. The Xbox One can’t quite keep the frame rate up at 60fps, but I’ve been appreciating the difference. Tomb Raider is still one of the best of its genre, up there with the Uncharted series – but if you’re wondering whether this version is an improved experience beyond extra visual flair, the answer is: No, not enormously.

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