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 Knack Ps4 is an action game for the PlayStation 4 announced by lead system architect Mark Cerny at the PlayStation Meeting. Players take control of a robot named Knack who is created to help neutralize the goblin threat that has taken over the peaceful land.

Knack Ps4 is not a bad game, it allowed me to have a good time. It is some kind of generic platformer, but the universe and the overall quality of the game is still decent. There is still some real flaws, starting with the confusing difficulty and the lack of character’s development.Sharp graphics and subtle gameplay can’t disguise Knack Ps4  for what it is: a shallow platformer with little personality. The story, music and the world don’t grab players and feel distant and sterile due to the American sauce that was mixed in. In a launch line-up filled with shooter violence, it stands out, but in a few months most will have probably forgotten Knack.

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