How To Download Free PS4 Games

How To Download Free PS4 Games  : 

Today We will show you How to How To Get Free PS4 Games codes  without buying !!!

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First you need to know all this Ps4  Games Codes  Hosted On  work On All Playsttion 4  Devices ( ps4 pro as well ) and we are sponsored by other company to give these codes .

Why  Surveys ?

We are giving legit PSN games codes from our sponsores , in return you have to click and finish one of our sponsor’s offers which are free .

can i get multiple ps4 game codes ?

there is no limit to that , all you have to do is to  unlock the download page by doing one offer, after finishing one offer you can get unlimited ps4 game code . only games are listed on the website , we add more ps4 games codes from our sponsores each week 

What Is A Survey ? And how can i Pass it ?

All People ask How to Pass Surveys !

Survey Is not Big problem or Something hard, Click on the Offer Complet it , Voila

I can’t Give You The Method for every Survey because There Is a Tons of surveys depends what country you are located and since the sponsores who provide us or you the game codes change their links .

 Surveys is Like : Email Submits , Registration form , or downloading something ,  or question or Phone Verification … to easy,  i will explain all this steps by step  See you Below 🙂


Step By Step :

1- Choose Your Game that You Want to Download And Click on the Download Link below Every Game Topic

2– the website will automatically detect the game you choosed and will be provided as a game code

3-   click on : download your free game 

4- A New Offers window Pop Up , Choose One Offer and Click on it ,

5- the little window will change  to the waiting period ( do not close it )

( The offer’s isLike Phone Verification , Email Submit, Zip Submit, Form registration ….Depending on What You’v choosed)

at the same time when you click on the ofeer a  New Window Pop Up  on the Browser , Dont Close it , Complete  The Offer On the new browser TAB  to the End, 

( The offer’s is Like Phone Verification , Email Submit, Zip Submit, Form registration ….Depending on What You’v Choosed And Your Country Offer)

6-Probably When You Complete The Survey Correctly The Download will Unlock Automatically

The Download will Begin Automatically

7- When The Download Finish You Get TXT Or Document  File , Open It :

8- go to PS store and enter the game code you got and thats it .

How to Redeem The Code  And get the Full Game ?

I hope i helped You ,


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