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Coming to Xbox One, the all in one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PC, PlayStation 4, Linux and Mac in 2015, Homefront: players throw into a future dystopia that is close. Disastrous events empowered the Korean People’s Army forces to inflict a brutal military occupation and have brought America to its knees. Caught in this nightmare that is American, Philadelphia is now a police state, where armored patrols and surveillance drones keep her – any dissent, destroying , download pc version on :

There was a point whilst playing with Homefront: The Revolution which I believed it might really be becoming great.I’d constructed myself some adequate custom weapons and opened up a great amount of the game’s distinct zones, converting a battle rifle into a sniper rifle with an useful long range scope.I’d additionally worked my way around the slow and game’s awkward training movement, and the worst of the inferior frame rate problems appeared to be behind me. Perhaps this Revolution is’t not so good?This can be a game with some excellent thoughts.The Revolution is at its greatest when it’s attempting to mimic what matters may be like under this type of regime.

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