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Battlefield 4 sends off the current generation of shooters in prime form. There’s prowess across the board, from narrative to action, and technical hiccups can’t derail a game that is simply great on PS4.Two years back EA DICE introduced the gorgeous looking Battlefield 3 to all present at GDC 2011. An in-game footage of the single-player shell shocked everyone present at the event with it’s slick graphics and life-like gameplay

Shooters offers gamers a chance to shoot everything in sight, fill the environment with bullet holes, and kill player after player without fear of the consequences that these actions have when performed in real life. Nobody will get hurt, although cracks at your mom will assuredly be made, and a lot of fun will be had,D.I.C.E. set out to do one thing with the Battlefield series and that is tell a compelling story through epic events and sequences that help shape the battlefield 4 . Many will find things to love about Battlefield 4 Ps4 , as well as hate, but at the end of the day, it’s one of the greatest first-person shooting experience to grace the home console.

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Download Battlefield 4 Ps4

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